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Will the site be shared with another wedding group?

No, it will not be. 


Do you have a list of preferred vendors?

We do, but only for Bar (though us), and your caterer- they must be chosen from our list!  Other than that, we allow OPEN VENDORS!  We do have a list of SUGGESTED vendors that have proven to do a great job for their customers and our clients if you would like to see it - just ask!.  **We do have a few vendors who we have requested not return to our spaces.  Before choosing ANY vendor - please contact us before to ensure they are not on that list.**


Are there adequate kitchen facilities?

All of our spaces have a large prep kitchen equipped with a cooler, commercial ice maker, & spacious counter-tops.  Our kitchens are strictly for prepping. There is no cooking equipment.  


May I bring in my own alcohol?

No.  Passalino's handles all alcohol served on site.


How do I reserve Passalino's for my event?

To secure your date we require a 50% facility deposit and a $500 security deposit in addition to a signed contract. All remaining balances are required 30 days prior to your event.



All sales are final.  Any Notice of Cancellation made by the client must be in writing.  No verbal cancellations will be accepted.  Should you need to reschedule your event, a $500 fee will be assessed for the date change.  You may change your event date one time for that fee.  After that, no refunds will be given. 


May we rehearse at Passalino's?

Rehearsals may be scheduled eight (8) weeks prior to your event. Day-before rehearsals are not guaranteed and set up may or may not reflect your event. Rehearsals are complimentary if held between business hours of 9 am – 5 pm; if rehearsals are scheduled after hours, the rental fee is $150 an hour.

Fine Print

  • Bringing outside alcohol is prohibited.  Patrons will be escorted off property and event may be subject to cancellation.  The security deposit will be forfeited entirely should any alcohol be found on site.

  • We do NOT have an Open Catering Policy here but we have NO catering fees.  You must choose a caterer from our approved list

  • We require all caterers & vendors to stay on-site for the duration of your event. 

  • The client is solely responsible for outside catering needs.  Including but not limited to delivery, and service.  

  • Passalino's handles all alcohol sales and services for every event in our spaces. 

  • Arranging the furniture located in any of our spaces must be pre-approved and done so by our staff only.  $200 moving charge may apply should you not follow these guidelines. 

  • Many decor items are high repair/replacement costs.  Damage to these items or the facility will result in charges that are the clients' responsibility.

  • We require our renters to carry Special Events Liability for all events hosted in our spaces.  Please refer to your contract for specific amounts & verbiage. Event Helper is recommended to obtain this insurance

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